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Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father.  He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.  This blog began as a way of working through his son’s passing at the age of 17.  He was so moved by the support of the on-line community, friends and family, that he is hoping these posts help others on their journey.

The original Be the Best pic.

His son, Christian Friesen, will be remembered on many levels and the Christian Friesen Memorial Fund, through Simon Fraser University, has been established as a lasting memory and a way to assist others to change the world.  Whether it was lacrosse, school or helping people, Chris always strove to Be The Best.  Many of those life lessons came from his family and reinforced by incredible teachers, coaches, friends and relatives along the way.  This blog will aim to help share those tips and exchange ideas with a thousand young men and women like Chris and anyone else who wants to participate on the journey.

To get the full picture, go to the Key Links page.

As part of remembering Chris ten years after his passing, weekly blog posts will be added throughout 2020. To get the 10 year perspective, please go to Leap Year post.

25 replies on “Be The Best”

i stumbled across the memorial page for chris on facebook while searching for something else…since then i have spent time reading and learning about chris, from the memories and tributes written by friends and family on that facebook page, to the beautiful words and videos on this blog…i have also been holding my own children a bit closer, and been more grateful in general for the many blessings in my life…thank you for sharing chris’s life and passion…i am so sorry for your loss….

Hi Randy, I am a relative of yours in Denver, CO. My father was Dietrich Friesen. I was very sorry to learn of your loss. I am looking forward to reading your blogs and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We need another Friesen reunion!

We are close friends of Arv and Steph and know Brent and Cathy well. We have been praying for your whole family. I enjoy your blog very much. Your parents were our pastors at ACF. Wonderful gentle people. I love the videos of them.

Hey Randy.
I never had the chance to meet Chris, but today, I stopped by and said hi to him and spend some time with him and thought about him.

May Chris rock in paradise.

i was watching the video of Max in the triathlon and it looked like he had a tattoo either on his arm or the back of his arm. does he have a tattoo or was it the number he used?

Hi Ted. I just read your story and that of your son Jonathan via your blog. I am VERY sorry for your loss…and I DO know how you feel…(at least to some degree). You can reach me at as I would like to continue this conversation as there are so many commonalities and lacrosse being the center of our son’s lives. All the very best as you continue your journey.

What is the best thing to do if you are thinking of not wanting to be around anymore , if you have no family or friends you can seriously talk to ?

My son received the 2014 Summer – BMS NSCLA 2018/2019 Elite – Chris Friesen – Be The Best. Award from BMS. We are honored for him to be selected in Chris’s honor and will ensure we share his story with him. Thank-you for your ongoing support to youth lacrosse and encouraging young men to push themselves….

Hi Toni. So sorry it took me 5 years to reply!!! I was off the blog for many years but back in 2020. All the very best. Great to see SFU lacrosse players doing great things in the world today and for many tomorrows to come!!

Randy thank you for your post on being positive. Great reflection. I think you are tapping into some brillant wisdom from the Italian doctor and the survivor from the Vietnam war. I guess we need a combo of some optimism, realism, and whatever you want to call that quiet determination we’ve seen in people who have inspired us. My 14 year-old son is shooting 200 foul shots a day and practicing various moves and dribbling drills to improve his basketball game. The quiet determination I see in him is refreshing. Chris had that kind of determination – beyond what most displayed. The athletes at his memorial knew it. May we have strength to keep on keeping on, though there are strange things we can’t control. I hope we can do the things, make the decisions, keep at the practices that lead us to life and peace…

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