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Regular wrist model not available…

Guess, what? The Leadership Group (student group) at Brookswood Secondary led by Ms. McLeod has orchestrated the creation of wristbands in support of the Christian Friesen Memorial Award.  This is sooooo cool!  I called the top wrist model in Langley, but she was not available.  Thus, you get my wrist.  Sorry.  However, wrist models aside, these bands are very cool. The blue one reads, “Hit the Gym Son.”  The red one is imprinted with, “Never Stop Smiling.”

Regular wrist model not available.

Both of them also have Chris’ name on them.  The Brookswood gang is selling them for a whopping one dollar so they are affordable for students and it’s a great fundraiser.  GREAT IDEA dudes!  We thank you.  For my BCIT gang, they’ll be available through MarCom, and I’m going to twist my friend Gloria’s arm to see if she’ll have some down at the gym office at BCIT.  For our lacrosse friends, we’ll figure out a way to get them to you if you’d like to have one and support the cause.  Only 1,000 were made and they will go fast.

I’ll check if we can have some available for people at the Intermediate A home opener on the 25th and the Junior A home opener on the 27th.  That’s lacrosse by the way…but you knew that by now, right? Stay tuned for more info on these lacrosse games in the days ahead cause they’ll be doing something a little special.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

7 replies on “Regular wrist model not available…”

What an awsome idea! PoCo players would like to support the cause. Please let me know how we can get some. Thank you.

The PoCo boys would be honoured to wear a band in memory of their teammate, Chris. All played either BMS or Team BC.

What an impact this young man had on so many lives. My son Stephen played with Chris on Team BC. While he carries Chris’ photo in his pocket and struggles daily to understand, we have found some comfort in reading all the blog and facebook entries of his many friends and family. You are truly an inspirational family. Letting total strangers into your heart and sharing your true emotions is a testament as to why Chris is so missed and loved. I would like to purchase these amazing bands for the Island boys who found a true friend through lacrosse. I’ll pay for shipping or whatever other costs are associated. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Randy as well as Ingrid and Max.

Fantastic to have you with us Roberta from the Island on this journey! The answers are hard to find and I think the search for the ‘answer’ will exhaust us more than fulfill us. What we are learning is the focus on the amazing positive passion that Chris had and the impact it had will help us echo those qualities through many lives as we continue to live with purpose. Hope that doesn’t sound too ‘positive’, cause believe me we’re HURTING, but we do believe this. Email and we’ll make sure we get those bands to you! Hi to everyone on the Island along for the journey!

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