Be The Best.

‘Rough Patch’ – you’ll get the connection

Be The Best.

Go change the world…one decision at a time.

This afternoon was a rough one.  We tackled some clothes sorting etc. in Chris’ room.  Later, I was reading a few tweets (that’s Twitter language) from people commenting on making decisions.  Jason_Baker wrote, ‘May you get stronger with each decision that you make.’  Love it.  Needed to hear it.  Thanks Jason.

You know what, speaking of stronger, I’m going to do 50 push-ups in honour of Chris right now.  Yes, I know he did 200 per day.  I’m prorating for age…


(5 minutes later….ok, I did 15…hope you’re still proud of the old man kid)

We love you Chris!

Now, check out this lacrosse patch made by that Steve dude working from the poster design developed by Steve and Brad Haima.  This thing is very cool! The plan is for  the Langley Intermediate and Junior A Thunder to wear this patch all season long.  Amazing support in honour of Chris.  THANKS!!

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

7 replies on “‘Rough Patch’ – you’ll get the connection”

Will the patch be available to purchase? My boys played BMS with Chris and would love to have one in his memory.

My son Eric knew Chris at Murrayville Elementary; Chris was his reading buddy when Eric was in grade 3; Eric is now playing lacrosse on the Bantam A team for Langley and he would like to wear one of the stickers on his helmet to honour Chris’ memory.

Hi Angie and Janice. Langley Minor Lacrosse will be in charge of distribution of helmet stickers (which will have Chris’ initials and number 2). As for the patch image that I posted, I will have some for sale (proceeds to the Chris Friesen Memorial Award. They are to arrive approx April 22 or so. I will post more info on this blog and when we have exact details…like cost! Thanks so much for your comments and interest and support!!

I’m inspired to do daily push-ups in Chris’ memory..starting today!
~an LAX dad from Murrayville…

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