Be The Best.


Ya, for the non-texting among us..that would be code for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Christian Friesen Memorial Award.

Q: Are you funneling the money into an account in the Cayman Islands?

A: No.  All funds collected are given to Simon Fraser University.  SFU administers the fund and issues tax receipts for all donations.

Q: I’ve heard about this $20,000 target.  That is strangely similar to the price of Canucks season tickets.

A: Good point.  The $20,000 is the level at which the Christian Friesen Memorial Award will live forever.  The interest is paid out each year, leaving the principle intact and ready to earn more interest for the following year.

Q: So how much is the yearly award going to be and who gets it?

A: Your questioning has a very aggressive tone.


Editor’s note:  you having enough of this approach? I’m sorta done with it 😉

A: The yearly award will vary depending on interest rates, but will be in the $1,000 per year range and increase as the fund grows over time.  The funds will be given out yearly at the Maple Leaf Award dinner that the SFU and Burnaby Mountain Select lacrosse organizations organize.  The Christian Friesen Memorial Award will be given to a lacrosse playing student who exhibits leadership skills and the ability to contribute to his community.

Q: When will the first award be given out?

A: Even though the interest on the fund will not have a full year to mature, Ingrid and I are determined to give out the first award in January 2011 at the next banquet…just 8 months from now.  We will do this by making an additional one-time donation personally.

Q: Do you and Ingrid contribute to the fund as well?

A: Yes and so does Max.  Our donations to the fund will continue for the rest of our lives.  We want to continue to see the fund build over time through personal donations and we want to challenge lacrosse playing students for decades to come to Be The Best.

Q: Where is the fund at?

A: We are nicely half way there…over $10,000 has been donated to date for which we are humbly grateful!  This includes direct donations, cash and cheque donations and monies received from wrist band sales etc.  Every penny has been amazing.  In addition to these monies, every thought, email, Facebook post, prayer, food donation at the service, food for us etc etc is all a part of this in our opinion.  The support has been amazing.

Q: How do we participate?

A: On-line is safe and direct.  NOTE: When designating, choose Fund of your choice (top of list) from drop down menu and then specify: Christian Friesen Memorial Award  Direct Link to on-line

Link to printable PDF

Secret:  There is a human at the other end of the SFU forms, so as long as you put Christian Friesen somewhere on the form, they will process it correctly.  The staff at SFU University Advancement office have been fantastic.  (thanks Wanda!)

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

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