Be The Best.

Loops, lax and Boom!

Last weekend was spent up in Kamloops as previously documented.  For those joining us outside of BC, Kamloops is a 3 hour drive through a few mountains on the way to the interior of British Columbia.  I put this little video of lacrosse action together from Sunday’s semi final between Kamloops and Langley.  Kamloops played well led by a certain number 14, Blaine Boomer and friends as you can see in the vid.  On the last play of the video I’ve slowed it down so you can see how fast this game really is.  Someone will know who that Langley player is…yes, let me know…you’ll see the footwork and hustle to get the rebound after  a great save by the Kamloop’s goalie.

Blaine’s folks, Jim and Carolynn were our hosts for the weekend.  Carolynn in the middle of planning gourmet dinners and breakfasts was also preparing for a track and field challenge on Sunday where she only SET THE CANADIAN MASTER’S SHOT PUT DISTANCE RECORD!!  I’d say nice work! Congrats Carolynn and everyone who is out there BEING THE BEST!

Go play lacrosse.  Go do the Shot Put.  Do some push-ups or go take your Mom out for lunch.  Be The Best…in everything.  CF#2 forever.

Bonus: If you want to experience a little Boomer Kamloops hospitality yourself, they own a big condo at Sun Peaks that they rent out.  Check it out here.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

2 replies on “Loops, lax and Boom!”

Randy, Ingrid…as always reading your blog is awe inspiring. It was great to see you in Kamloops and I know James was deeply touched by your presence. Amazing video you put together..I beleive it is Johnny Pearson who scored the goal.

As I sat at breakfast this morning I found myself thinking of your family as I often do…out of the blue James said that he was thinking of Ingrid on this day and how today might be particularly difficult. I just wanted you both to know we think of you often and are constantly thankful of the powerful impact Chris and your family has on our lives.

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