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Langley wins in OT…must have been PA announcer!

Ok, maybe a slight stretch…but aside from life-guarding, swim instructing and helping his old man around the house this weekend, Max did the PA announcing at this afternoon’s Intermediate A Langley Thunder game.  You can see him in the red circle.  In the green circle you can see the team celebrating the overtime victory on a goal by a certain William VH.  Nice job to all!  In the blue circle, Max chows down on 6 post game tacos (first helping).

Great to see the families from Nanaimo at the game as well as so many of the Island folks are helping to support Chris’ fund and sporting the wrist bands!  The fund, for those keeping score at home, is closing in on $14,000! As soon as the fund hits $20,000 it will be locked in for life.  In other words, the award given out each year will be generated by interest earned and the fund continues to make money for the next year.  The first award will be given out in January 2011.  (As indicated in previous posts, Ingrid and I will make an additional gift to SFU to allow the first award to be presented then as the fund will not have generated a full year of interest at that time.)

The release of the Chris Friesen lacrosse stick from Harrow gives me shivers whenever I look at the design.  Check yesterday’s post to see it for yourself.  I know many non-lacrosse players (like me!) are going to be picking one up just because it’s the coolest thing ever ….ok, I may be biased…!  A link to the pdf order form will be up tomorrow at If you are worried about a cheque getting to Joyce before the deadline or any other issue regarding payment, but you still want to order…just contact her by email.  More than anything, we simply have to provide Harrow with a number of these special edition sticks.

I am excited about this stick for two reasons.  One, what an awesome way to remember Chris.  Nuff said.  Two, through the amazing generosity of Harrow and Burnaby Mountain Selects ALL of the net proceeds will go to the Christian Friesen Memorial Award fund.  I love that because players (AND PARENTS!!!) are buying equipment all the time.  If you need a stick for this year or next, what a cool way to spend the regular amount, but know that you are helping to change the world by challenging one SFU student and lacrosse player to Be The Best.

For all my teenage readers out there, look out for each other this week, and as I would say to Chris before every single lacrosse game, Play Hard, Be Safe, Have Fun.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

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