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Taking it to the Max.

Max, our oldest son, turned 19 today.  What?  How could that happen?  Already?


Ethanator looks on as Max gets ready for 19 candles.

We had brunch with great friends, afternoon coffee with family and a ‘new normal’ dinner at the Keg tonight with the three of us.  Max and his gang are now ‘chillin’.

Max has been an unbelievable part of our family team during the past 2.5 months.  He helped me incredibly when we decided to build the official Facebook page for Chris.  He offered wonderful support to people at the funeral and in those intense weeks.  Max…you rock Dude.

As a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor he is helping change lives already.  He’s learning how to empower youngsters to believe in themselves, have confidence and do things they didn’t think they could do.

Max, as you head into your next years of long-term career exploration and studying, know that your Mom and I couldn’t be prouder of you.  Happy Birthday Dude.

And the sunset pic?  Well that was just a little silver lining hello from your Brother.

Sunset, June 13, 2010.

Work hard, be safe, have fun.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

4 replies on “Taking it to the Max.”

Happiest of birthdays, Max, you’re on your way young man.
Randy and Ingrid, I remember working in Program Advising on the second floor of the SW1 building and Randy,you brought Max into work = he was in his stroller!!!! I don’t remember blinking my eyes, and now he is 19. wow. K.

Happy Birthday Max, we are so proud of the responsible young adult you’ve become! Your future is bright…leave your mark!

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