Be The Best.

Is it ok?

Is it ok to still be sad?


Is it ok to still ask why?


Is it ok to still not understand?


It’s ok to be where you’re at.  I’m there too.  As I’ve written a number of times, the main focus is on the future, but there will continue to be times where we wonder why.  Why Chris? Why us? Why now? Why?

I do know this however, the ‘why’ and ‘what if’ games are not great to be played for any long periods.

You know ‘why’?  Some questions don’t have answers.

I am writing this as much for myself as anyone else…and that is this.  The only thing I can control is my next decision.  The only thing we all have any control over is our next decision.

So if the ‘whys’ and ‘what ifs’ come to visit…you can say hello, but don’t invite them in for dinner…! 😉

See…I got through a post this week without mentioning a sunset…D’oh!!

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

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