Be The Best.

Wakeboards, Waterskiis, and Be The Best.

On a recent Okanagan jaunt, Ingrid and I spent a few days with our good friends Mark and Vickie.

From joining us at the hospital on that life changing evening of March 25, Mark and Vickie have been beside us on every step of this journey.  Words will never be enough to express our ongoing gratitude for our friendship.

And as a broader message, we continue to feel our larger family of support even now.  Of course summer brings a different ‘vibe’ as people (including us!) go on vacations and take in the beauty of BC and beyond and recharge the batteries.  But we still feel the support as we connect at lacrosse games, summer bbq’s, on-line, and even little things like seeing the Blog stats let’s me know that people are still connecting with us and it is appreciated!

But back to wakeboards and waterskiis…

What would summer in BC be like without some sort of water activity?  In the video below I want you to see a few things.  Of course, there is just the summer fun of getting out there, but there’s a lot more going on.  Eric is learning the sport of wakeboarding.  He was attempting 360’s which are doing a full rotation in the air.  He wipes out.  Then tries again.  Then wipes out.  Then tries again.  What was cool about this (besides the wipeout footage!!) was his discussions with his Dad after getting back into the boat.  ‘I could try this.’  ‘I could try that.’  ‘I’m going to get some lessons.’  One thing he didn’t say was ‘I quit’.  ‘I’m not doing that again’, or whatever.

You’ll also see Emily rockin along on her waterskiis.  She’s zooming over the wake like it’s soft butter.  She’s got a lot of drive and determination and it was cool to see her handle a long ski session with the poise of a pro.

The last thing I want you to notice is at the end of the video.  Eric takes a big jump and lands it after some great air time.  I’ve slowed the vid so you can see the grin on his face as he lands the jump and feels the accomplishment of learning something new.  As for the 360?  He’ll get there.  Eric and Emily have the Be The Best attitude, so it’s just a matter of hard work and practice!

PS: To see any video larger, click on the button in lower right corner of vid (the one with 4 arrows) and you can watch in full screen.  This video is also shot in HD (high def).  Click on button that says 360p with an ^.  You can then adjust to 720p for HD action.  (Hey listen…I taught my 70 something year old mom to program her PVR this week.  If she can learn that, you can do this…!  🙂  Later)

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

2 replies on “Wakeboards, Waterskiis, and Be The Best.”

Your blogs continue to inspire me Randy, thank you for your daily updates. You are an amazing man with an amazing family adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Be the Best attitude is mentioned frequently in our home as hard work & practice becomes and daily routine.

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