Be The Best.

‘Ad’ded value?

I notice that WordPress has allowed more advertising to creep onto blogs.  If you see ads on this blog from time to time…sorry about that!  My understanding is that is a drawback of a ‘free’ blog site like this.

As we approach April 2012, we will have lived the past 2 years without Chris.  It feels like a flash and it feels like a thousand lifetimes. 

I miss that kid so much I simply cannot tell you what it feels like.

So…where do we go from here?

Stay tuned, as we are going to complete a refresh of and we are working on a free e-book which will include all the blog posts of the past 2 years.  From time to time I see older posts being viewed (via stats) and I know there have been people who have experienced loss looking through a number of posts in chronological order.  That is what we’re attempting to do with the e-book.  Have everything in date order and easier to read.

So for now, we’ll tackle these next couple of months and prepare for the next chapter of Be The Best.

I know many of you have been writing your own, and I love it!

Have a great week.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

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