Be The Best.

‘The Match’, ignited.

It was simply awesome to watch some live sports this past weekend. I know many find golf on TV less than thrilling but I love it…especially when Tiger Woods is involved. That guy is always making history when he plays it seems like. On a side note (tongue in cheek – no hate mail please), Tiger Woods ‘loses’ over 77% of the tournaments he enters. That is a whole other subject because a 22.8% winning percentage is ridiculous. I mean, totally awe inspiring. Anyhoo, you had Tiger and Phil Mickelson as the pros playing with NFL greats Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for charity re COVID19. All the players were mic’d up and it was awesome. Tom Brady was struggling on the front nine and I almost felt sorry for him for a few minutes and then I remembered how rich he is and how many Superbowl rings he has. Then – as only Brady could do, he drains a shot from 100 yards and beaks off at Charles Barkley. Priceless.

His comments post ‘victory shot’ are extremely revealing. He was being light-hearted but he expresses his love for his wife, mom and dad and children. You see, that’s what guys do. They are wired to compete and push for the win. Some more than others and these pro athletes are wired that way 150%++ which makes them so special.

Remember Michael Jordan falling to the floor after NBA final victory in 1996. Same thing – the dedication to family.

This is key. Guys aim to win to honor their family. Guys build things to honor their family. Guys push themselves to honor their family. Guys will slug it out 6 or 7 days per week earning a paycheck to honor their families. Guys who have lost loves ones will do all the same things – to honor the ones they’ve lost. If you are dealing with a guy who has gone through something – this is an interesting insight to have.

As you saw from post 1 in 2020, this blog resurgence for this year, is simply a chance to honor and remember Chris. And man he LOVED sports too. It was awesome. He played lacrosse (lax) to honor his coaches and teammates (Go Langley Thunder!), his town (Langley), and even his province (BC) at a national level. And of course, his family. Chris – always remembered and always loved. We will aim to Be The Best in your honor and I hope for all reading the understanding of Be The Best gets deeper and deeper. For guys, winning and Being The Best (at whatever!) is the highest level of honor a spouse, family member, teammate or coach can receive.

Have a great week.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

One reply on “‘The Match’, ignited.”

Really a pleasure to read Randy! You do so much to honour Chris’s memory.

Maybe in your next life a you should be a sports writer!

Lori xox

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