Be The Best.

Those sunsets.

Those sunsets still get me.

I can’t see one without thinking about Chris.

Whether it’s the sun streaming through the clouds or punching out that silver lining or just glowing as it nears the mountains or horizon, I love it.

These pics were taken during an evening of friends and fun (thanks Melody and Drake!).

The sun will set.

The sun will rise.

And more decisions will be made.

Be The Best.

Silver linings

The weather this week has matched our experiences quite well.  It’s been a very extreme weather week.  Get where I’m going?  I took this picture on Tues evening from the deck of our home.  It sort of says it all.  The dark clouds are very present, but still a hope persists.  As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.  Thinking about the sun behind a cloud actually is a good symbolic view of where we’re at right now. We can sense that more sun is going to come.  We can sense there are brighter days ahead and for pockets of time, just like the weather this week, you feel the sun’s warmth and then in an instant it’s raining and cold again.  I think the hope is that we believe…no actually we know the sun exists.  We know it will be sunny again and even though the clouds and rain persist, the sun will have it’s moment and hours in the days ahead.  For now we’ll pack a good umbrella and a hot cup of coffee as we continue on our journey.