Be The Best.

Fire me up

On this holiday weekend, I hope some of you are able to enjoy a campfire.  With current restrictions on fire size or fires at all, in some ways having a fire isn’t as easy as it used to be.  (yes, that did make me sound old!)

We have an outdoor fireplace with open flame that really feels like the real thing…without the effort of chopping wood.  I love it.  As the weather turns just a bit warmer, there is nothing better than to sit outside on a crisp evening and enjoy the darting flames, odd crackle and wind wisped flickers of light coming from each ribbon of blue and orange.

Here’s my fire tonight.  I often come out here alone and think or take the laptop with me and do anything from music composition editing to email.  I would also come out here a lot with the boys.  When Max and Chris heard me say, ‘let’s go have a fire’, they knew it was code for father/son chat about something!

See guys in particular, don’t care to sit down in a room and talk.  We’d rather be doing stuff.  A fire is a good distraction and gives guys something to look at and in that way you may even have more of a conversation beyond the usual grunting that us males are well known for.

In any event, this outdoor fireplace has been much more than a source of heat.  It’s been a place to think, ponder and connect with my sons.