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Don’t eat ice…and other advice.

We were with good friends recently and I was chomping on some ice after a refreshing adult beverage.

“Don’t eat ice”, Ingrid stated, as that had been one of my mantras with Chris.  She was right.

Chris used to eat ice by the bucket.  He had a habit of eating ice during dinner and it drove me nuts!

“Don’t eat ice”, I would say, “it’s a bad habit”.

He would then turn to just letting the ice sit inside his mouth until he thought we’re not listening and then CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP.

If Chris was still with us, I would still have the ‘no ice chewing’ policy in place.

However, as I was QUIETLY (or not) chewing my own ice tonight, I thought about how much I missed that annoying sound!

Let’s lift a glass to memories….on the rocks.