Be The Best.

Go to space.

As many of you witnessed reading thru the multiple World Cup (Soccer) blog  posts last month, I love that sport and many others.

I think I have a new favourite team in the British Premier League called Blackpool. 

They are underdogs coming into the season, but they scored 4  goals to beat Wigan today.

Ok…let’s go somewhere with this.  I coached both boys in soccer.  You see a young Chris here putting on some moves.

One of the most difficult things to teach kids in soccer is to ‘go to space’.  I’m not talking NASA or the moon.

Going to space doesn’t make sense to kids and even much older players.

Going to space means going to where the ball isn’t.

It’s about anticipating where the ball might go.

When you go to space, you’ll have more of a chance of having the defenders back off and if your team understands the concept of getting the ball to space, you can really start moving the ball.

Chris makes a move, while big brother Max looks on a little too close to the endline I think!

I was left with the dilemma of teaching 6-year-olds the basic concept, but they just wanted to chase the ball like a bunch of bees on a honeycomb.

What I ended up doing was teaching them a little rhyme that I made up and they would say it while they practiced a drill.

Instead of running around in a pack they would run up the side of the field then into the middle where they would get a pass and shoot and hopefully score.

The rhyme was:

Up the side,

In the middle,

Score a goal and play your fiddle.

…at which point I would insist on them playing an ‘air fiddle’ (think air guitar)!

It wasn’t perfect, but the kids remembered it and they got better and better.

As I was thinking about this tonight watching Blackpool, I thought about how Ingrid, Max and I are learning to ‘get to space’ now.  We are needing to step out in faith and go where the ball isn’t, in anticipation that the ball will be going there.  If it isn’t, we regroup and try again.

It’s a hard thing to do when you’re learning so we may be sticking with the simple rhyme for now, until it becomes a part of the new normal.

Up the side, into the middle, score our goal and play the fiddle!

Be The Best.

Vuvuzela withdrawl…really?

Ok, it’s the first Sunday in about a month without a soccer match.  That hurts.

I LOVE the World Cup along with a few billion people around the globe.  I think that is one of the big reasons I like it so much.  With American (Happy 4th of July) opinion aside, soccer IS the world’s sport and it’s fantastic to watch.  With a little Dutch and German heritage in our family, we are hoping for a Netherlands/Germany final next Sunday.

I know Ingrid’s Uncle Don is a BIG Dutch supporter and lives in Holland so we may be leaning to the Netherlands and perhaps wearing a little orange if we can get through to the finals this week.

As you’ve seen documented in this blog many times, I love sports.  Sports has also been an amazing help in getting through these first three months without Chris.  Obviously lacrosse was a MAJOR part of our lives in the past 8 years. Being able to go on the emotional ride with the Canucks this Spring and then following the Flyers (Hawks officially omitted from this blog until Canucks beat them in playoffs)  through to the Cup Final, watching Tiger implode on the golf course and off, or following the World Cup of Soccer, it is the ‘guy drama’ that keeps many of us captivated and inspired.  If I was writing a grief book for guys, there would be a chapter in there called, ‘watch sports on TV…it’s good for you’, or something like that!

Anyhoo…back to today…I am missing those vuvuzelas strangely enough.  Hold it.  There’s a BC Lions game on at 4?  Great.  Those CFL horns are a close 2nd.

Have a great week.