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The Back Story – part 2

Ok, so if you’ve done your homework, (see The Back Story – part 1) you are now ready for part 2. (yes, that’s my teaching side coming through!)

I did not trust myself to complete the eulogy ‘live’ at the service, so I decided to write the eulogy (working with Ingrid (amazing wife) and Max (18 yr old son)) and then with the incredible effort of my nephew Steve Lacoursiere, this 18 minute production was developed. (2 videos below)  I must mention that Max insisted on being involved in the narration, a decision that I deeply respect and cherish.  That kid has been a rock.  Max I love ya.

I completely understand that Chris’ passing causes questions about ‘who was that kid?’, ‘who is that family?’.

We want the world to understand that Chris Friesen was a passionate person who was also a perfectionist.  He was his own worst critic.  At its best, that pushed him to the next level, constantly raising the bar.  At its worst, he would get mad at himself (you’ll hear the story about his driving exam) when he didn’t achieve the level of success he felt he should.

On March 25, 2010, Chris had a car accident driving out of the school parking lot in which he hit a fence with the car and sustained damage to the vehicle, but it was still drivable.  The impact of this one event was massive for Chris.  You’ll understand more if you have watched every video in The Back Story – part 1 and the full and complete videos below.  Chris wanted to Be The Best.  Chris, your passion WILL fuel us!

Chris Friesen Eulogy – part 1

Chris Friesen Eulogy – part 2

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

3 replies on “The Back Story – part 2”

Thank you Randy, Ingrid and Max for sharing your home, your life and your passion with me and all of us who will be encouraged by your blog.

You are a beautiful family, I see the spirit and genuine love in your photos.

Your timeline of Chris’s life is beautiful; beautifully put together. It seems now, I have known him and your family for all the years.

May the comfort be with you four of you always in God’s arms. In Spirit, it will always be four.

In friendship, Celeste.

Randy, Ingrid and Max
What an wonderful and heartfelt tribute to Chris. He was an amazing young man from an amazing family. His passion, his strength of focus are obviously strong family traits and are demonstrated again in the tributes by Randy and Max. I am sure that Ingrid’s influence was there as well.
May time heal your sorrow quickly and brighten the memories forever.

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