Be The Best.

Is your workstation the best?

Be The Best. Now that's a workstation!

When my nephew Steve and his wonderful wife Meggan were contacted about Chris’ passing, I did not expect them to be at my doorstep 24 hours later.  Not because they wouldn’t want to, it’s just that they live in Charleston, South Carolina and Steve was consulting in the New York area at the time.  Multiple planes and over 5,000 km later, they were in our Langley home (near Vancouver, BC) helping us deal with events as they were unfolding.  Steve’s dedication to the eulogy videos was incredible. Meggan did everything from dishes to vacuuming to listening and supporting and everything else in between.

On Saturday they had to leave for home.  After 3 more planes and a long day of travel, Steve ‘rested’ for 8 hours before jumping on yet another plane for an entire week of consulting work in New Jersey. Tired yet?  Not Steve.  He has helped me immensely this week with patches and logos for lacrosse stickers and jersey patches and even had time to create the desktop background you see above…(picture taken at his hotel workstation).

He’s also been working on AC’s (Auntie Cathy’s) new website and improved access to her musicBe The Best. You are living it Steve-o.  We love you guys!  With all that energy, he’s like some incredible BCIT graduate or something…(oh right, he is…Computer Systems).  Meggan, he is authorized to sleep in till at least 7:30am this Saturday, that is unless you need him to wash the dishes…  ur  (Uncle Randy)

Be The Best.

The Back Story – part 2

Ok, so if you’ve done your homework, (see The Back Story – part 1) you are now ready for part 2. (yes, that’s my teaching side coming through!)

I did not trust myself to complete the eulogy ‘live’ at the service, so I decided to write the eulogy (working with Ingrid (amazing wife) and Max (18 yr old son)) and then with the incredible effort of my nephew Steve Lacoursiere, this 18 minute production was developed. (2 videos below)  I must mention that Max insisted on being involved in the narration, a decision that I deeply respect and cherish.  That kid has been a rock.  Max I love ya.

I completely understand that Chris’ passing causes questions about ‘who was that kid?’, ‘who is that family?’.

We want the world to understand that Chris Friesen was a passionate person who was also a perfectionist.  He was his own worst critic.  At its best, that pushed him to the next level, constantly raising the bar.  At its worst, he would get mad at himself (you’ll hear the story about his driving exam) when he didn’t achieve the level of success he felt he should.

On March 25, 2010, Chris had a car accident driving out of the school parking lot in which he hit a fence with the car and sustained damage to the vehicle, but it was still drivable.  The impact of this one event was massive for Chris.  You’ll understand more if you have watched every video in The Back Story – part 1 and the full and complete videos below.  Chris wanted to Be The Best.  Chris, your passion WILL fuel us!

Chris Friesen Eulogy – part 1

Chris Friesen Eulogy – part 2