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I need a laugh…

Not too much is funny right now.

Dad is fighting away in ICU and Grace is a few doors down on the road to recovery.

That being said, the gift of laughter, even on our darkest days has been like rays of sunshine in a dark place.

Maybe Chris knew we needed a little laugh this week too.

I was scrambling for some business cards in an office drawer that I don’t use too much when I noticed a couple of sheets of paper.  I pulled them out and looked at them.  They were photocopies of a picture that Chris had drawn for me when he was about 11 or 12 I think.

Jim Mitchell, my very good friend, mentor and colleague at BCIT (now retired…way too young I might add), was like a big brother to me.  Which meant we had lots of laughs and played lots of sports etc.  There was the odd wrestling match or other show of strength.

These sports stories would often become part of dinner conversation.  One night I asked Chris if he would draw a picture of me beating up Jim….just for fun.  I was half joking, but Chris got out his pencil and went to work.

He created the masterpiece you see below.

I laughed so hard then and I laughed again this week when this picture resurfaced.

At the time I quickly made 20 copies because I knew Jim would probably just rip them up as he found them.

Chris loved Jim too.  When Jim saw either of the boys he would stretch out his hand and get them to slap it as hard as they could and say…“That’s all you got??” And then repeat until their hands would sting so hard they would stop.  As Chris got older he loved those interactions, and I think I even saw Jim wince once…..

(but he’ll probably deny it)

Jim, you’re a great friend and I think Chris wanted us to have a little laugh this week…even if it was at your expense.  You gotta admit, I look pretty good in this picture.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

4 replies on “I need a laugh…”

Okay, that is just too funny! I love the drawing and how priceless is that.
Sending good thoughts and hope for a full recovery for both your Dad and sister.

Well brother I just came in from working the day in the yard to see both your e-mail message and the blog. I started to laugh right along with you and Chris as we always did when the boys were at BCIT or seeing them at the house.

Things have a funny way of presenting them selves. So great you found that picture. It’s like it was yesterday and you were meant to get a message and smile from above . I will admit to both pulling those pictures down and yes as Chris and Max got older I did feel those slaps but never really wanted to admit it. I must admit to being a little disappointed in a way Chris showing my athletic clothing given I was a much dressed better than you but oh well.

You and Ingrid have done a great job raising your family and keeping Chris’s
spirit alive it’s like I can see him drawing that picture with both intensity and laughing while wanting to poke fun at me while supporting good old dad. We had lots of great times at BCIT that’s for sure.

I know this has been another tough time for you and the family with your Dad being very ill and your Mom being so supportive but knowing her health hasn’t been good as well. Then getting the news your sister Grace was not well but I’m sure she will make a excellent recovery.

I will continue to think of you and the family. You’re in our prayers and thoughts.

I know what its like to lose parents and while it’s part of our life’s journey times like these are challenging at best.Take care.

That being said you are the best and a great friend. As well I know tons of people at BCIT pulling for you and youre family.

Your Brother

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