Be The Best.

‘Bee’ patient

Be patient, be patient, don’t be in such a hurry, if you are inpatient, you’ll only start to worry…

Those are lyrics from a kid’s musical I sang 35 years ago in a church play.  Some things stay with you…that and I’m still in counseling for being dressed up as a Song Book…no really…I was living, singing book.

I’m not sure how it relates other than I have this bee pic from the other day and I’m really feeling impatient about showing it to you.  This was a bee getting ready to land on a California Lilac.   I had sort of overlooked the picture when I wrote the post the other day.  I find with pictures and many other things, it’s good to go back and review.  I can’t believe how many things you see again for the first time, when you have a little more patience.