Be The Best.

I got a blister…and I love it.

I always told that kid to use Odour Eaters or Febreeze or something...!

Ingrid and I went for a walk this morning.

I have some video and after the runaway success of ‘Therapy from Birds’ from a few months ago, I may put together the footage at some point!

In any event, this walk was a first with some new shoes. Not totally new mind you…just new to me.

You see they were Chris’ shoes.

I was going to get some new running shoes and it reminded me that for the past year I had been the recepient of a few ‘hand me ups’.

This is what happens when your kids get as big or bigger than you.

Chris always wore his shoes with tucked-in laces…except for lacrosse shoes.  So these sneakers still had the laces tied together with his knots but tucked into the shoe so they appeared untied.  Ingrid deftly untied the knots and we were off.

With any shoes, they’ll need to adjust to my feet.  That’s a bit of discomfort I don’t mind a bit, in fact I love it.

We miss that kid so very much.

I’ll remember him with every step.

Be The Best.

Be The Best…Osprey Style

I’d like to spend more time out in nature than I do, but when I can see wildlife in action I love it.

I recently had a chance to see an Osprey (and no not at a Zoo…this was the real thing!) in action.

What amazing birds.  With a wingspan over 1 metre, they are sometimes called fish hawks as they circle the water looking for their dinner.

Ospreys are built to fish, but even with that they sometimes miss.

This picture shows the spilt second after an arial strike and in this case the bird did not leave with dinner as it did the day before.  But I’m sure it will learn a few things and be back again.  That’s Be The Best…Osprey style.

Be The Best.

‘Bee’ patient

Be patient, be patient, don’t be in such a hurry, if you are inpatient, you’ll only start to worry…

Those are lyrics from a kid’s musical I sang 35 years ago in a church play.  Some things stay with you…that and I’m still in counseling for being dressed up as a Song Book…no really…I was living, singing book.

I’m not sure how it relates other than I have this bee pic from the other day and I’m really feeling impatient about showing it to you.  This was a bee getting ready to land on a California Lilac.   I had sort of overlooked the picture when I wrote the post the other day.  I find with pictures and many other things, it’s good to go back and review.  I can’t believe how many things you see again for the first time, when you have a little more patience.

Be The Best.

San Diego: an epic short film

After the complete shut-out at Cannes, Sundance and an unfortunate snub by the Oscars for the epic short ‘Walking in Langley’ subtitled something about birds or something, I remain undeterred.  For your viewing pleasure I present, ‘San Diego: an epic short film’.

You can see the ‘new normal’ in action.  It’s a weird thing…that little walking segment that you’ll see was probably the most emotional part of the trip.  Just going for that morning walk with Ingrid got us talking, remembering and thinking about future experiences never to be experienced.  You combine that with synchronized coffee drinking (this was not planned and you’ll see it when you view) and you have this interesting recipe of tears, sadness, love, joy, pride, sorrow, jokes and laughter that forms our current reality.

I’m sure the Oscar people will get it this time round….  😉

PS In a future post I will tell you why I like to work with the Hilton brand whenever I can.  Thanks to the management of the San Diego Hilton who understood why we were there and did a great job in respecting what we needed.

Be The Best.

A little therapy…from birds.

Last Sunday I brought you a tour of Langley via bike.  Today, it’s a walking tour.  I had something different planned, but this morning was so peaceful, I put together a few images from our walk this morning.

Getting outside even for a short 30 minute walk, has been a great way to help our thoughts process.  It felt like the birds themselves were encouraging us this morning.  Listen closely…you’ll hear them.