Be The Best.

Don’t Moc the Bulldog.

There’s a kid that Chris played lacrosse with for years here  in Langley.

His name is Bulldog.  His given name is Brendan, but I didn’t know that for about 4 years.

He’s graduating from Brookswood Secondary this coming June.

His parents, Kevin and Nauja, are TIRELESS supporters of minor lacrosse.  Managing teams, arranging officials, getting parents to volunteer (THE toughest job in the league :)) and being there rain or shine to not only support their son, but support the team which many times included Chris and Bulldog playing on the same squad.

Kevin phoned me up on Saturday.

He talked to Ingrid first as I was driving and what I could overhear sounded good.  I parked and she handed the phone over.  Great news.  Brendan the Bulldog is the first Langley student that I’m aware of from this year’s crop to be accepted and signed (it’s called a National Letter of Intent) with an American College.

Florida Sourthern Mocs

He’ll be playing and studying in Southern Florida at Florida Southern College and the teams are called, the Moccasins, or the Mocs for short.

This is cool on many levels.  Firstly, it’s a BE THE BEST moment at the highest level.  To have a goal and to see it fulfilled like this is amazing.  GREAT JOB BULLDOG!

Secondly, just the drive to be in a position to take things to a new level is life changing.  That takes focus and is something we can all learn from.

That phone call was more emotional for me than expected as of course we think of Chris and the opportunities we would have been exploring at this time.  Would it be the US?  SFU? Other Canadian Universities?  We’ll never know, but there is a few things that we do know.

We know that when anyone has a Be The Best moment whether it’s a daily push-up routine or a college scholarship, it’s another victory and another way to honour Chris’ memory.

Be The Best has become much more than a phrase or slogan.  It’s a lifestyle and a way to continue to honour Chris as we journey forward.

Bulldog, this news is awesome.  We are extremely proud of your accomplishments and wish you every success on your collegiate journey at Florida Southern starting September 2011!!

Be The Best.

I got a blister…and I love it.

I always told that kid to use Odour Eaters or Febreeze or something...!

Ingrid and I went for a walk this morning.

I have some video and after the runaway success of ‘Therapy from Birds’ from a few months ago, I may put together the footage at some point!

In any event, this walk was a first with some new shoes. Not totally new mind you…just new to me.

You see they were Chris’ shoes.

I was going to get some new running shoes and it reminded me that for the past year I had been the recepient of a few ‘hand me ups’.

This is what happens when your kids get as big or bigger than you.

Chris always wore his shoes with tucked-in laces…except for lacrosse shoes.  So these sneakers still had the laces tied together with his knots but tucked into the shoe so they appeared untied.  Ingrid deftly untied the knots and we were off.

With any shoes, they’ll need to adjust to my feet.  That’s a bit of discomfort I don’t mind a bit, in fact I love it.

We miss that kid so very much.

I’ll remember him with every step.