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I got a blister…and I love it.

I always told that kid to use Odour Eaters or Febreeze or something...!

Ingrid and I went for a walk this morning.

I have some video and after the runaway success of ‘Therapy from Birds’ from a few months ago, I may put together the footage at some point!

In any event, this walk was a first with some new shoes. Not totally new mind you…just new to me.

You see they were Chris’ shoes.

I was going to get some new running shoes and it reminded me that for the past year I had been the recepient of a few ‘hand me ups’.

This is what happens when your kids get as big or bigger than you.

Chris always wore his shoes with tucked-in laces…except for lacrosse shoes.  So these sneakers still had the laces tied together with his knots but tucked into the shoe so they appeared untied.  Ingrid deftly untied the knots and we were off.

With any shoes, they’ll need to adjust to my feet.  That’s a bit of discomfort I don’t mind a bit, in fact I love it.

We miss that kid so very much.

I’ll remember him with every step.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

One reply on “I got a blister…and I love it.”

Randy and Ingrid, First rainy day in Vancouver for months and I happen to be fiddlling around on facebook (which I seldom do), and then whoa! as is the way with social networks, the random surf becomes the unanticipated focus of curiosity, pleasure, and sometimes grief. I happened upon the story of the tragic loss of your dear son Chris. The eulogy and your blog posts are quite something to watch and read, and I hope this public reflection helps in your healing. Walking in your son’s shoes, as you described in yesterday’s post, is something that all parents do, but perhaps not so viscerally.

Randy, I still have your “Toast” book on my shelf and the stories you now share about your family make toast, seem like, well toast! I am shocked to learn about your loss, sympathize deeply, and feel honored to know you and Ingrid and your ability to share stories that have such loving resonance for all families.

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