Be The Best.

Lacrosse and loss

As I wrote about yesterday, we were heading to the Langley Thunder Intermediate-A home opener at the impressive Langley Event Centre.  With 5,000 seats, a friends and family crowd may appear small, but when the game was preceded by a moment of silence for Chris we could feel the quiet energy fill the entire building.      The Thunder’s new jerseys had not arrived by game time so they wore their blue-striped Stickmen unis as  you can see in this shot as Langley scores.  (The lefty scoring is Cody Robertson and number 15 is Adam Will..thx to Larry for info from comment below) The Thunder are a younger squad with a few Intermediate aged players playing up at the Junior level. They battled a typically strong Victoria Shamrock team and though the scoreboard showed a loss at games’ end, they exhibited strong desire and the makings of a team that looks out for each other.  We are looking forward to the Junior A Thunder home opener on Tuesday night.   Team President, Joe Willmott, announced that a tribute for Chris (including big screen video) would take place at 7:30pm immediately followed by the Junior Thunder taking on visiting Burnaby. 

Keep working hard boys.  Be The Best.  It will pay off for you.

Of course I brought my camera to the game and couldn’t help but think how good the light was in the new facility.  It’s funny how your mind works…I kept thinking about how I would have loved to be snapping some pictures of #2 clearing the front of the net in that great light…but I suppose he is in some even better light now. cf #2

Lacrosse Boys…you can see more pics on Picasa.  Remember…200 push-ups er day!

Be The Best.

Decision: Let’s play lacrosse!

Today’s date is not lost on me.  It is exactly one month today that Chris passed away.  Yesterday was probably the hardest day I’ve had since the first week.  Remember that yo-yo analogy? Maybe more like an elevator.  What I believe more than ever is that we continue to move forward by making decisions on a daily or hourly basis, whatever is needed, to move forward.


Does that mean blocking feelings and emotion? No. But what it does mean is that we are not going to sit around and be sad 24-7.  Specifically for today, it means lacrosse.

We are very proud to be attending the Intermediate A Langley Thunder lacrosse home opener at the Langley Event Centre at 2pm.  We are there as fans and to support Chris’ teammates. I found this picture that I just had to show you.  This was taken in April of 2007 at a tournament in Coquitlam.  For privacy sake, I’ll leave out the names of the boys, but you’ll recognize many of the faces.  Coach Sean Beasley and Harvey Bull flank the boys with Chris in the front row. They may have grown a little in the past three years!!!  Many of these boys will be on the floor this afternoon.  Chris will be with you in spirit boys.  Be The Best! I’m hoping to be in my ‘usual game spot’ at least some of the time in the corner of the rink at rink level shooting some pictures!

ps. For the uninitiated, lacrosse is an intense, fast-paced game like hockey with big hits and amazing stick skills.  More on the history of Canada’s national summer sport in future blogs!

pps. We are also attending the home opener of the Junior A Langley Thunder on Tuesday night where a video tribute to Chris is planned as well as the 50-50 proceeds will go to the Chris Friesen Memorial Award.  We humbly thank the Thunder and the lacrosse community for this amazing support!!

Have a great Sunday.

Be The Best.

Is your workstation the best?

Be The Best. Now that's a workstation!

When my nephew Steve and his wonderful wife Meggan were contacted about Chris’ passing, I did not expect them to be at my doorstep 24 hours later.  Not because they wouldn’t want to, it’s just that they live in Charleston, South Carolina and Steve was consulting in the New York area at the time.  Multiple planes and over 5,000 km later, they were in our Langley home (near Vancouver, BC) helping us deal with events as they were unfolding.  Steve’s dedication to the eulogy videos was incredible. Meggan did everything from dishes to vacuuming to listening and supporting and everything else in between.

On Saturday they had to leave for home.  After 3 more planes and a long day of travel, Steve ‘rested’ for 8 hours before jumping on yet another plane for an entire week of consulting work in New Jersey. Tired yet?  Not Steve.  He has helped me immensely this week with patches and logos for lacrosse stickers and jersey patches and even had time to create the desktop background you see above…(picture taken at his hotel workstation).

He’s also been working on AC’s (Auntie Cathy’s) new website and improved access to her musicBe The Best. You are living it Steve-o.  We love you guys!  With all that energy, he’s like some incredible BCIT graduate or something…(oh right, he is…Computer Systems).  Meggan, he is authorized to sleep in till at least 7:30am this Saturday, that is unless you need him to wash the dishes…  ur  (Uncle Randy)