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Vacuums…the update.

Some of you remember Chris’ buddy Tanner who spoke at the funeral last year (feels weird to type ‘last year’).

Tanner was aiming to defy all odds and open a vacuum business at the age of 17.  (He has family in the business, but this venture is all his own.)

Here’s the background post if you want a reminder.

Well, I finally got out to see Tanner today.  We had a coffee and chatted about business.

Yes, he is still aiming for that GED and that will happen in due time, but my goal today was to help Tanner with a business thought or two as he makes his way.

I was very impressed with his shop and most importantly, his attitude.  He really is developing a great brand at Newport Vacuums…one that is devoted to service and customer experience…and he’s doing this all himself at 17.

So our conversation was how to manage growth…and growth is coming with a record sales month in December and I’m sure more on the way in 2011.

In the months before Chris passed away he asked if I would help his buddy Tanner, who I didn’t know well at the time, with some business/management conversations as he was seriously looking at putting school on hold and pursuing a business.  Chris was concerned about the choice, but he was wanting the best for Tanner. That was Chris.  Looking out for his buddies.

Chris…the answer was yes then and yes now.

The paths that Chris’ high school friends take will become very different over time.  That’s even happening now.  Many of his buds are prepping for graduation and then college, travel or just exploring the next step.  Tanner found his next step early and although it’s not an easy road, I’ve seen many businesses that are not led by someone this focused and enthusiastic on becoming successful.

I put together a little vid of today’s visit.

If you need a vacuum, you can take a shot on this kid with some solid confidence!

ps…website is still a work in progress, but you’ll get the jist!