Be The Best.


Yah, enough said.

March is upon us and as we head to March 25 it’s so very hard to believe Chris has been away from us in human form for almost 2 years.

This morning I looked at a picture on my bookshelf of Ingrid, me and the boys in Disneyland when they were about 7 and 5.

Chris is laughing so hard he’s almost falling off my knee.

I loved that trip.

As many schools head into Spring Break, I hope that you are able to find some time to do something memorable, fun and exciting with your family.  Whale watching, Science World, overnight to Seattle or even overnight in Vancouver are all easy local things we did.

As a young Dad I sometimes wondered about the expense of this or that.

Of course budgeting is important and we had to also live within our means, but if we planned to knock off a dinner out so we could spend money on a family day activity, that’s what we did.

When I see that laughing, smiling face I know that every cent was worth it. 

I would pay millions to do it again.

Be The Best.

American Idol, Disneyland and a Port Moody trail.

These three things have a lot in common, at least I hope they do because I’ve committed to that as the title of this blog post.

I caught some of the ‘new’ American Idol last night with new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez joining Randy Jackson.

As the contestants did their thing they were either ‘sent to Hollywood!’ or rejected.

What struck me was the excitement and pure joy from the families of the young singers who made it to the next level.  You saw Moms and Dads hugging and jumping and crying.  For a moment I thought about lost future memories.

During a commercial break I saw an ad campaign being used by Disney.  They actually take real home footage from parents surprising their kids about going to Disneyland or at the resort itself.  You can see it here.  It’s all about making family memories.

That brings me to Port Moody.  During the Christmas break I visited a dear friend and former colleague (now retired) from BCIT, Sandie.  She was sort of like the ‘mom’ in our Registrar’s Office Department for many years.  One of the things she had by her desk was a bulletin board full of pictures of staff and their families.  Of course it grew over the years.  It was an amazing place to see the passage of time.

We look a walk along the shores of the inlet at Port Moody.  What a great place.  The reason I’m telling you this now is I look literally 15 minutes last weekend to put the following faux movie trailer together using the images from that walk.  It’s in the newest version of iMovie which comes on every Mac.  This isn’t really a Mac ad, but sort of is.

The point is that memories are amazing.  All of the great memories we’ve had together as a family are helping now in our darkest hours.

I’m simply blown away at the ability of today’s technology to take these memories and put them into a format that is useable, fun and easy to do.  I decided to use the movie trailer template and have a little fun so you could imagine what you can do with your family memory video footage!

Have a great day.