Be The Best.


I’ve been thinking about circles lately.

You know I love sunsets, but did you know this?  The sun’s diameter is 1.4 million kilometers.

That’s a big circle, or I guess sphere would be the more appropriate word.

I’ve thought so many times of Chris’ beautiful eyes and how they are living on and helping to give a young transplant patient improved sight.  I love those small circles of light.

I looked down last week at the desk on which I write this tonight.  There are salty circles that have stained the table, the sometimes unavoidable outcome of overflowing eyes.

I also think of the circle of life and sometimes how big and sometimes how small it can be.

Our hearts break for the family of 12-year-old budding hockey player Coleton Nelson who was killed in a car accident this weekend here in Valley.

That circle of life was way too short.

So was Chris’.  A short circle of life, but oh so big.

Circles.  Big.

Circles.  Small.


Do me a favour and give your kids a great big hug tonight!

If you’re a kid reading this, it’s ok to tell your folks you sorta luv them too!!

Be The Best.

Be The Best.

y i can c clearly now…

Some letters i like a little more than others these days.


don’t like that one.  it still comes around and you still have to deal with it.  ‘why’ did this happen.  why is chris gone. y.

i and c.  those ones i like a little better.  in fact ‘eye’ and ‘see’ are the perfect letters.

what i think about with those letters is chris’ beautiful eyes and how they are helping someone to see more clearly now.  we’ll never meet that person, but it’s a wonderful thing to know.

while looking for something else, i had stumbled across the little green ribbons and cards that they sent to us with the letter explaining how chris was giving the gift of sight to someone here in bc months back.

i and c.  like those.

y.  not so much.

as i’ve stated in a previous post, the ‘why’ questions can come and visit, but don’t invite them in for dinner or to stay too long.  nothing is gained there.  we continue to move forward step by step and decision by decision with chris’ passion helping to fuel our journey.  i know many of chris’ friends ask y and continue to be confused.  that’s totally ok.  that’s more than ok.  one of the most amazing things in life i think is getting comfortable with the fact that we can’t answer all the questions.  saying ‘i don’t know’ is ok for this test!  (no…this does not give you an excuse for not studying!)

i spoke to someone this week who had lost someone very dear and close to them a few years back.  the experiential advice was clear and simple.  it will get a little easier.  there may not be answers, but there will be new paths and a continued journey that has promise and hope.

y? don’t know.

i’s that c.  that i know….and it’s awesome.