Be The Best.

Stop and smell the…Tiger Lilies?

I’ve been thinking about the concepts in that ‘mudslide post’ this past week.  With another gigantic slide that occurred on Friday, Aug 6 just north of Whistler, BC, it again makes me think about the concept of what we control and what we don’t.

I think the answer is something like we can’t live like there is a mudslide coming, but we should be prepared if one ever does come.  I’m reminded of the Proverb that states (paraphrased), ‘the lazy dude says there is a lion outside, if I go out there I might get eaten’.  So how does this all relate to Tiger Lilies, roses or other flowers?

We are all familiar with the phrase, take time to stop and smell the roses.  I think that’s where the balance comes in. We (as in Ingrid and I and Max) need to continue to plan, set goals, work hard and think about the future….while not forgetting to stop and smell the flowers.  Stated another way, we cannot ‘stay inside’ (figuratively) just because a lion or mudslide may again cross paths with our lives!

We continue to move forward, stop and smell the flowers and make decisions in the world we can control.  In the world we can’t, we don’t stop moving because of what ‘might be’, but we keep our ’emergency kit’ (relationships, friends, family) in excellent working condition as we continue on life’s journey.

Too deep for Saturday morning?  I’ll go smell some flowers.

Tiger Lilies in Langley garden. Aug 6, 2010.
Be The Best.

Not really sure I understood flowers…till now.

This Thursday is four weeks since Chris passed away.  Sometimes it seems like a second has gone by and other times it feels like 20 years…or 1000.

What I know for certain is how many of our lives are changed forever.

As time goes by, I’m sure I’ll have more perspective on various stages and aspects of the ‘grieving’ part of the journey, but I wanted to focus on one particular area for the blog post tonight.

Flowers. Yah, I knew I should get Ingrid flowers on special occasions (like weekends for example!) and flowers were good for mothers and as a host gift for dinner perhaps.  What I had totally overlooked until these past weeks is how flowers could have affected us personally during this time of loss.

In that first week after Chris was gone, our house filled up with flowers from so many organizations and people…including many of you.  Thank you.  I acknowledged what the flowers represented, but something more was at work.  Whenever we entered the house, many times after returning from difficult trips to the funeral home for example, the scent of the flowers would greet us as the door opened and we walked down the hall.  In our darkest moments, the colour and life of the plants and flowers gave us hope that life was beautiful and should be celebrated.

I don’t think I’ll ever look at (or smell) a flower arrangement in the same way again.

ps These are just a couple of pics of the actual flower arrangements taken by none other than Steve Lacoursiere….when he wasn’t working 20 hours per day on the videos in preparation for the service! Thanks Steve.

pps There is one flower arrangement in particular that will receive it’s own blog post…that’s coming next week.