Be The Best.

Stop and smell the…Tiger Lilies?

I’ve been thinking about the concepts in that ‘mudslide post’ this past week.  With another gigantic slide that occurred on Friday, Aug 6 just north of Whistler, BC, it again makes me think about the concept of what we control and what we don’t.

I think the answer is something like we can’t live like there is a mudslide coming, but we should be prepared if one ever does come.  I’m reminded of the Proverb that states (paraphrased), ‘the lazy dude says there is a lion outside, if I go out there I might get eaten’.  So how does this all relate to Tiger Lilies, roses or other flowers?

We are all familiar with the phrase, take time to stop and smell the roses.  I think that’s where the balance comes in. We (as in Ingrid and I and Max) need to continue to plan, set goals, work hard and think about the future….while not forgetting to stop and smell the flowers.  Stated another way, we cannot ‘stay inside’ (figuratively) just because a lion or mudslide may again cross paths with our lives!

We continue to move forward, stop and smell the flowers and make decisions in the world we can control.  In the world we can’t, we don’t stop moving because of what ‘might be’, but we keep our ’emergency kit’ (relationships, friends, family) in excellent working condition as we continue on life’s journey.

Too deep for Saturday morning?  I’ll go smell some flowers.

Tiger Lilies in Langley garden. Aug 6, 2010.