Be The Best.

Another lesson in perspective.

I got another lesson in perspective from a very reliable source.

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My iPad Scrabble game.

Yah, that’s right.  I said it, Scrabble.

I was involved in an intense fight with my arch nemesis, the iPad computer.

We were locked in a tough duel and I was determined.

I stared at my tiles for 2 minutes, then 4 minutes, then my screen went grey.

I refreshed and stared again.

I couldn’t see an option.

Then I hit the reshuffle button.

Same letters.  Exact same, just different order.

There in front of my eyes was the obvious solution.

This has happened again and again.  Just changing the perspective was the key to getting the solution.

There’s been a lot on perspective lately and one thing I’m learning is to hit the reshuffle button and then look at the letters again.

Same letters, different approach, solution.


Be The Best.

Good morning, mourning.

Morning and Mourning.

Although I did not consult with any etymologists directly, I have been completely informed by Wikipedia and therefore am completely confident (not) that these words did not originate from similar sources.

That being said, The Online Etymology Dictionary is a very interesting place to go if you need a break from Facebook or that online poker site…(you know who you are) 😉

Being soundly beaten by my Mom (and Dad and Max) in Scrabble over the holidays has provided me with some increased motivation to study a word or two.

These words however, morning and mourning, have been kicking around in my head for months.

I really didn’t understand what the word mourning meant until we lost Chris.

After that it didn’t take long to get the true meaning of that word…and it is something that will simply be a part of us forever.

You hear of a period of mourning.  I guess in one sense that is very true, but I can’t believe that the feeling of loss and mourning will ever really disappear.

What I found interesting though was that the word morning, at least in our English language, lives in the word mourning.

Why interesting?

When I think of mourning I think of the ache of loss.  When I think of morning I think of the energy and anticipation of a new day.

Hmmm…ache of loss while still anticipating the possibilities of a new day.

Yup, I would say there definitely can be morning in mourning.

I shot this pic a few weeks back.  The winter can be seen as desolate and cold with the trees losing all their leaves.  Although this is  a shot of the sun setting on that very cold scene, to me it’s actually a sign of hope.

You know why?

After the sunset comes the morning.  The same trees will still be bare.  It will still be cold.  The mourning will still be there.  But morning, with all it’s anticipation of the future, will be there too.