Be The Best.

If you like sunsets, you’re in luck.

I can’t tell you how many sunsets I took in last year through the months of April, May, June, July and August.

They were like medicine for me.  Whether it was the feeling of the closing of a day is the reminder of a new one to come, the powerful display of dark and light with the clouds or simply getting a little glimpse of life beyond this earth and a connection with Chris.  All of those and more.

As we all know our Vancouver weather doesn’t provide us with too many great sunsets between Oct and March and so Ingrid and I set off to find some.

If sunsets bore you, close your browser now!  If you like em, here’s a few that happened this past week…so they’re ‘fresh’!

PS You can click on each pic to see a larger view. Feel free to use or share.

Be The Best.

Silver linings?

A recent escape has allowed us to take in some amazing sunsets.

They are a constant reminder to us of a Presence bigger than ourselves and a reminder that even though clouds may be dark, there IS blue sky behind even the darkest skies.

That’s a silver lining you can even see in the dark.

Be The Best.

Under the stars

Have you ever spent some time staring at the stars?

I had the chance tonight following this spectacular sunset on Vancouver Island.

With no city lights, the stars began their dance as the sun left the stage and only continued in intensity as the evening brought its curtain of dark focus on the sky’s next show.

When I looked up at the stars, I thought of many things…but of course one of the big thoughts was of Chris.

I imagined him shining down on us all through the sun and then keeping us company through the stars.

Just like the many days when we couldn’t see the sun in April, May and June and simply had to trust it was there, it’s the same with the stars.  They are there every night, but I have not seen stars like I’ve seen tonight in many many years.

It’s interesting that it is in the darkest of darkness that the stars seem to shine brighter.  It’s a matter of remembering those stars shine this bright even if we can’t seem them most nights.

Shine on.