Be The Best.

No one loses today.

Blue Bombers Logo used from 1963-1994
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Now that statement is wrong on a number of levels.

One team will win the Grey Cup and one team will not.

There has been loss for both football teams and that’s where it gets tricky.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers lost an assistant coach, Mr. Richard Harris earlier this season (July 2011).  By all counts he could be tough as a coach but a gentle giant…a father figure of sorts for the players. (newstory here)

The Lions of course lost Dylan Reichelt longtime game day assistant and son of Bill Reichelt, trainer extraordinaire.  Many Lions’ helmets will have DR stickers on them today.

So how does this all work?

Here’s what I’m thinking.

With Mr. Harris already up in heaven I think he has given a big welcoming bear hug to Dylan.  He may have asked Dylan who that guy was with him and why he’s carrying around a funny looking stick.  Oh that’s Chris, Dylan would say, my good bud from Langley…plays that strange field lacrosse game.  That would of course get Chris fired up and a good natured broohaha would occur, which is probably what we’re seeing/hearing with the current wind and rain storm outside my window at 5am this morning.

Anyhoo…I could see Richard giving Chris a big bear hug too and then deciding where they were going to watch the game.  Richard and Dylan, a little newer to the experience, may be concerned about the roof on BC Place and not seeing that well.  Chris, with now 20 months of experience would show them where to sit and how to see everything.

They’ll see two football teams playing for the Grey Cup.

They’ll see two football teams playing for people they loved.

They’ll see two football teams both winning, because no one loses today.

Be The Best.

Geroy’s class act.

Max and I had planned to attend the BC Lions football game vs. Edmonton a couple of weeks back.

When the world changed for the Reichelt family last weekend I had a sneaking suspicion that Bill would be in the thick of the action Sunday.

There was a beautiful moment of silence for Dylan at the game and it was hard to see the picture of him so big on the center screen because of what it meant.

As guys we generally don’t like to talk about our feelings all that much.  We’d rather be doing stuff, building stuff, competing against something, winning.  (did you know the Taj Mahal was built to honour the then emperor Shah Jahan’s 3rd wife after her death?…yah, I looked it up…)  It is HUGELY important for men to honour those who have passed.

The Lions wearing DR stickers on their helmets was also a class act.

Geroy Simon giving the ball to Bill after scoring an amazing touchdown further shows the class he has and the support Bill and his family has from the team.

From the Sun article:

Reichelt said the victory and now the opportunity for the Lions to win a Grey Cup on home turf can never compensate for his loss.

“But Dylan loved the team to win. He just loved it when they won. He played a part in this, for sure.”

Exactly.  Dylan LOVED to win.  I know the Lions loved to show how much they cared by playing yesterday’s game for Dylan.  A class act all around.

Here’s the full article.

Lion hands ball to Reichelt after score

By Gary Kingston, Vancouver SunNovember 21, 2011

The ‘DR’ stickers on their helmets was an indication that the loss was still raw for some B.C. Lions players on Sunday.

But veteran receiver Geroy Simon felt a need to go one step further.

Following his second-quarter touchdown reception, Simon took the ball and gave it to longtime trainer Bill Reichelt on the sideline. It was Reichelt’s 18-year-old son Dylan, a frequent gameday helper on the sidelines at Lions’ home games, who was killed in a car crash eight days earlier.

“We lost a member of our family,” said Simon after the Lions’ 40-23 CFL West Final win over the Edmonton Eskimos at BC Place. “I don’t know what to say man, it’s tough. It’s just tough losing a family member. We wanted to show [Bill] that we love him.”

Simon said he had initially planned to give the ball after a touchdown catch Sunday to his son, “but I just had to give it to Bill.”

An emotional Reichelt, who was sporting the same ‘DR’ button as other Lions’ staffers, said afterwards in a quiet corner of the locker-room that he wrote Dylan’s name on the ball and put it in a trunk on the sideline for safekeeping.

“Geroy’s a class act,” he said. “[The support from the team] has been unbelievable. They just seem to know when to bring me back up. They just get you back laughing, get your mind off everything. It was awesome.”

Reichelt said the victory and now the opportunity for the Lions to win a Grey Cup on home turf can never compensate for his loss.

“But Dylan loved the team to win. He just loved it when they won. He played a part in this, for sure.”


Be The Best.

Leaves fall up.

We understand that leaves fall down.

We understand that human lives end.

What we have limited understanding about is what happens to the life or spirit or soul or however you want to describe it, that goes so much beyond the human existence.

One of the things that I’ve learned from time and time again is seeing things from a different perspective is exceptionally valuable.  It pushes me to challenge what I thought was clearly obvious.  Sometimes going up to 10,000 feet…and other times going down to 3 feet.

For no particular reason, I shot some video of leaves falling on a clear cold day this weekend.

I thought it might be fun to reverse the video.

What would it look like if leaves fell up?

It was just one of those little perspective moments of thinking about things in a different way and knowing how much I don’t know about life after life.

This is either super deep, or maybe just off the deep end!  In any event, here’s a little vid.

Leaves falling up.

Be The Best.

Who makes us what we are?

Now there’s a heavy question for your weekend.

If you haven’t read the latest few comments on this blog, take a look.  They are both from teachers of Dylan and Chris.

Our families have a huge influence on who we are.  How we’re raised, the home culture, values etc.

When I think of Chris, I can’t help but think of all the amazing influence outside the home that helped to shape him.  Teachers, coaches, trainers.

I was reading Dylan’s obituary today…(hard to even type that).  There are a few lines that so accurately describe him.

Dylan was charismatic, genuine, optimistic and never shy or awkward. He enjoyed life and excelled at anything he set his hand to. He was quick with a grin and a smart remark and was loved by everyone he met.

Yes.  That is exactly Dylan.

Dylan comes from a great family and has been shaped by them of course, with the continual positive influence of teachers, coaches and mentors over time.

For all teachers and coaches…please know that your legacy reaches far beyond the achievement of a grade or success at a sport.  It shapes young men and women who in turn provide positive influence in their circles and beyond.  We continue to see that in Chris’ legacy as people all over are aiming to Be The Best.  We love it.

As we grieve for Dylan and his family, we know that the legacy of laughter, caring, acceptance, kindness and excellence will live forever.

Here is Dylan’s obituary in full with a link to the memorial site.

REICHELT, Dylan James February 4, 1993 – November 12, 2011

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our son Dylan James Reichelt, who died in a car accident on Saturday, November 12th, 2011. Dylan is survived by his parents, Bill and Cathy, sisters, Keri and Keira, twin brother, Jesse, and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Born and raised in Langley, Dylan had a passion for golf, hockey, Iron Maiden, Manchester City FC, working out, refereeing, fishing, boating, video games, wakeboarding, wake surfing, steak, and Caesar salad.

He attended Murrayville Elementary, graduated from Brookswood Secondary in June 2011 and was in his first year of a business degree at Kwantlen University. Dylan enjoyed all forms of athletics, playing baseball, golf, soccer, ice hockey, street hockey with the boys, tennis in the park and he was always game to go to the gym. He enjoyed being a referee for Langley Minor Hockey and “”Gatorade”” boy for the BC Lions Home Games.

He was ranked #1 in points with the Maple leaf golf tour in BC and had been invited to the MJT National Tour Championships in Orlando, Florida, along with his best friend and brother, Jesse. Dylan was charismatic, genuine, optimistic and never shy or awkward. He enjoyed life and excelled at anything he set his hand to. He was quick with a grin and a smart remark and was loved by everyone he met.

A celebration of Dylan’s life will be held on Monday, November 21, 2011 at 11:00 am at the Christian Life Assembly, 21277 – 56th Avenue, Langley. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to RBC, account #00608-003-5018650 in support of the Dylan Reichelt Memorial Fund.

Condolences may be offered at

Arrangements under the direction of Henderson’s Langley Funeral Home, Langley, BC.

Be The Best.

Who is Dylan? Who is Chris?

Let me tell you what I know.

I remember adding the ping-pong table to our basement to make the teenage zone a little more active.

Dylan, Chris and the gang had a very unique game they would play.

Battle Pong.  They’d have 4 or 5 or 6 of them around the table each rotating one position and keeping the ball in play.  When a player made a mistake, his cross table opponent smashed a ball as hard as he could at his competitor’s body.

I would walk in the room, Dylan would say ‘Raaannnddy’…I would half-smile and shake my head in mock disgust and walk out after checking on a) damage to walls and doors and b) if the snack level was still ok.

On that note, Chris was a health nut as you know and these guys would customarily eat a whole bag of peeled carrots in a sitting.

These were guy’s guys, with the biggest warmest hearts anyone could imagine.

Jesse and Dylan would light up any room.  Jesse, I know that Dylan will still be lighting up that room with you as he’ll be beside you always.

Who is Dylan?  Who is Chris?  Who are these kids from Brookswood?

They are some of the most respectful, wonderful, considerate and caring kids I know, who are now amazing young men just starting their journeys…some with us here and some as close as a fall breeze or silver lining on a storm cloud.


Be The Best.

The cursor blinks…

I’ve stared at a blinking cursor for the past 10 minutes.

Today I’ve been truly speechless, dumbfounded, heartbroken and completely bewildered…perhaps gobsmacked is the best word for it.

One of Chris’ buds in the inner Brookswood School circle of buds, was taken from this earth in a car accident last night.

This blog is not a news source.  The exceptionally sad details have been reported in The Sun amongst other sources.

Tonight we stand with the family including Dylan’s twin brother Jesse.

We have asked Chris to take special care of his friend today.  I know he will.

I have no answers, only questions.

Again, I really have just one thing.  The ability to make my next decision.

And with that we’ll stand with and support those who are grieving.

We’ll honour Dylan and all the goodness and fervor he lived his life with by continuing our journey to Be The Best.

Dylan, Jesse and the gang were kind enough to go on a hike with us just a few weeks ago.

We hugged each of the boys as we’ve done for over the past 20 months whenever we see them.

They all mean so very much to us.

Tonight or whenever you read this…please do me a favour.

Go hug your kids.

If they’re sleeping, give them a hug anyways.

Life is fragile.

Life is unfair many times.

Life is certainly unpredictable.

Dylan comes from an amazing family.  They are strong, giving and wonderful people.

Tonight, we stare at cursors…perhaps we curse at cursors, ask questions without answers…and then move our thoughts of support into action.

That’s all we can control.

Dylan…we luv ya.

Be The Best.

I Remember

i remember


i remember each september

when the summer sun still glows;

i remember each october

when the winds begin to blow;

i remember each november

when the leafs are painted red;

i remember each december

when through the snow we tread;

whatever the month

whatever the day

whatever we’re doing

wherever we stay

you are loved loved loved

forever and always


Be The Best.

MJ, Cirque and Be The Best

We went to see Cirque du Soleil‘s tribute to Michael Jackson on Friday.

It was very interesting to see Cirque’s insight using MJ’s lyrics.

It was deep (really!) as well as fun and exceptionally entertaining.

This is how they describe it:

A riveting fusion of visuals, dance, music and fantasy that immerses audiences in Michael’s creative world and literally turns his signature moves upside down, Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour unfolds Michael Jackson’s artistry before the eyes of the audience. Aimed at lifelong fans as well as those experiencing Michael’s creative genius for the first time, the show captures the essence, soul and inspiration of the King of Pop, celebrating a legacy that continues to transcend generations.  (Source – weblink)

There were amazing performances, but one really stood out for me.

link =
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A young man was part of the dance troupe…and he had just one leg.

When he came out the first time, I thought maybe it was some sort of prop, but then it became obvious that his ‘disability’ was not going to get in the way of his amazing ability to spin, dance and steal segments of the show!

He used his crutches to elevate, twirl and somersault, tossing them on the ground on occasion to show his hip hop style of moves.

It’s hard to explain without seeing it…so if you hurry, you can catch the final show tonight at Roger’s Arena.

When the show ended, the performers were taking their bows and one of the loudest cheers was for the dancer who thought of what can be instead of what can’t be.

It was fantastic to see.

At about 40 seconds of this promo vid from Cirque, you catch a 2 second glimpse of this guy doing his thing.

Talk about Be The Best….Cirque style.