Be The Best.

Silver skies and Silver stars.

Medical update: My sister Grace was discharged from hospital and is home. Great news! Dad continues in ICU. He had a stable day and Docs are cautiously optimistic.  Things will continue to be day by day.  THANKS for all the continued thoughts and prayers and connections as we travel these interesting roads!

I can’t come up to Vernon without thinking about skiing.  A couple of weeks back when we went up the hill before the medical issues escalated.  It was a fantastic time for a number of reasons.  I had a great day with Max and his girlfriend Kiera, I was able to ski on Dad’s skis and have them navigate the mountain on his behalf as he couldn’t be there in person this season.  The last reason was one that I haven’t written about before.

Remember back in the day when you had those wire things that held day passes that you would attach to your jacket?  I would wear those with honour, building them up 1, 2, 5, 10 of them to prove how much skiing had taken place and the mountains conquered.  I guess old habits don’t change too much as I took out my ski jacket for this recent trip and noticed I had a few tags still on my jacket.  The one that stood out was Jan 1, 2010.  We had gone to Silverstar with Chris and a buddy for a few days of snow activity.  It was an awesome trip.  I hadn’t skied since then.  This year’s trip was for Max (and Kiera!), Dad and Chris.

It was awesome.  Here’s a little vid action with a shout out to Chris included.

There will be much more on Chris and remembrance as we head towards next Friday which of course marks one year since he passed away.

Be The Best.

Chair 32

We spent the weekend at Silver Star in BC’s amazing interior.

If you’ve never been, go.  It’s beautiful.  For families it’s amazing.  Skating ponds, tube town, all levels of boarding and skiing…the works.

Silver Star village centre

Max, his girlfriend Kiera and me spent the day boarding and skiing.  After lunch Kiera and Ingrid relaxed at the condo while Max and I explored the mountain.

We went up a lift we loved skiing in the past with Grandpa (my Dad), Chris and Max.

As we sat down, it was just the two of us on a 4 seater chair.  I’m not sure why, but I looked up at the chair number.  32.

The numbers 2, 32 and 41 are hugely significant for us.

They are all displayed on his jerseys at home.  The number 2 from Langley, 32 from BMS and 41 from the National Team.

Max and I rode that chair 4 more times and the numbers weren’t even close to any of the above.

Fluke? Chance? Just circumstance?

It could be, but these kinds of things happen with the most interesting of timing…and this isn’t the first time.

We ask fewer questions and just accept that in those moments we connect with Chris in a special way.

In this case, I couldn’t help but shoot some video.

Christian, we loved boarding and skiing with you yesterday, even if it was a bit different than before!

Be The Best.

Snow Time Like the Present

Sometimes I’m not sure why I do what I do.

I’ve learned however, that THAT is a good way to actually get creative. (wife may or may not agree with this statement)

With snow on the ground this morning I knew the commute may be long.

I may get bored.

Generally speaking after commuting for 20+ years, we are pretty used to it and use the time to sleep (if you’re not doing the driving) or simply think about the day…a chance to process some thoughts or ideas.

Then again, when you’ve got a snow commute in November…why not video it?

btw, I know exactly what the date is.

We’re not ignoring that we sit at 8 months to the day that we lost Chris.

We are however, turning the corner every month…not to forget. NEVER. Exactly the opposite.

We are turning the corner to REMEMBER.

Good times. Goofy times. Kid times. Teenage times. All those events that made the 17 years we had together so incredibly wonderful and years that will affect us in a positive way for the rest of our lives.

Chris loved the snow.  He loved to show off his muscles shoveling it.  He loved snowboarding and we had an amazing time together last New Years up at Silver Star.

I’m sure he was watching down on us today and shaking his head in semi-mock disgust of his Dad…doing one of his crazy antics and videoing the snow commute.

(don’t worry…I had a camerawoman along so everything was very safe…)