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Skiing in June?

A closeup of the Grouse Mountain skyride
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Max heard Grouse Mountain was still open for skiing and boarding.


In June?

Max came up with the crazy plan of hitting the slopes on his birthday (or 1 day before)…something never before attempted.

Sure enough, with an enormous base, Grouse is aiming to remain open on weekends till July 1.  Judging by the snow conditions today, they’ll be pushing it, but skiing on local mountains in June?  Are you kidding me?  What an experience.

So with my Canadian Hockey jersey given to me by Chris on the Christmas just before the Olympics, I joined Max and Kiera as we avoided a few rocks and a bunch of grass and had a great day.

Of course we had to shoot a little vid for proof!

We ended the day with dinner at the beach.

Only in Vancouver!

Happy 20th Max.  Hopefully the Nux will bring home the Cup for your birthday tomorrow.

I know your brother gives you the biggest virtual hug possible…and maybe a punch or two on the arm…you are brothers after all.



Be The Best.

Snow Time Like the Present

Sometimes I’m not sure why I do what I do.

I’ve learned however, that THAT is a good way to actually get creative. (wife may or may not agree with this statement)

With snow on the ground this morning I knew the commute may be long.

I may get bored.

Generally speaking after commuting for 20+ years, we are pretty used to it and use the time to sleep (if you’re not doing the driving) or simply think about the day…a chance to process some thoughts or ideas.

Then again, when you’ve got a snow commute in November…why not video it?

btw, I know exactly what the date is.

We’re not ignoring that we sit at 8 months to the day that we lost Chris.

We are however, turning the corner every month…not to forget. NEVER. Exactly the opposite.

We are turning the corner to REMEMBER.

Good times. Goofy times. Kid times. Teenage times. All those events that made the 17 years we had together so incredibly wonderful and years that will affect us in a positive way for the rest of our lives.

Chris loved the snow.  He loved to show off his muscles shoveling it.  He loved snowboarding and we had an amazing time together last New Years up at Silver Star.

I’m sure he was watching down on us today and shaking his head in semi-mock disgust of his Dad…doing one of his crazy antics and videoing the snow commute.

(don’t worry…I had a camerawoman along so everything was very safe…)