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Happy Birthday Chris!

So many people have told us or emailed us about how they thought of us over Christmas.

I know so many more think of us often and are thinking of us now as we mark what would have been Chris’ 18th birthday tomorrow even if they don’t or can’t tell us.

We are exactly the same way.

We’ve been following the story of the Berg family in Mission and Gillian Berg’s amazing strength and very real highs and lows as she takes care of her family and slowly moves forward with each day.

You can follow and support with your thoughts and prayers through:

The reason I say we are the same is that our hearts go out to Gillian and her family, but we don’t know them personally.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them, but we haven’t verbalized that to them.  For now we will support by reading, caring and praying.  Just as we’ve done, she can see by the blog views how so many people are supporting them.

We know that’s what people do for us all the time.

As we approach Chris’ birthday tomorrow, we don’t have any big public events happening.  A few of his school buds will drop by.  As a family, we’ll head to our favourite steakhouse for a big steak dinner and piece of ice cream cake.  Chris was a fitness and health food fanatic, but he would eat steak and ice cream cake…and we’ll have some in his honour tomorrow night.

So the question is always, what can I do?  What should I do?  I don’t know them very well, or even if I do, I’m not sure what to do.

Here’s the solution.

We’d ask everyone who reads this blog to do some little thing in honour of Chris tomorrow.

Here’s a few ideas.

1. push-ups – even doing one or two in his name would be cool

2. make a toast when you have dinner

3. hug your kids

4. hug your parents

5. eat some yogurt (he would eat probably 4-6 per day)

6. wish him a happy birthday verbally

7. cook some eggs (yep…he ate a LOT of eggs)

There’s a few ways.

I’m sure you can think of more.

Drop us a comment if you want to share.

If you don’t, we totally get it and we want to say thank you for the continued support.

Randy, Ingrid and Max.



Jan 09 - Chris turns 16.


By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

12 replies on “Happy Birthday Chris!”

Hi Randy, Ingrid & Max

I have been reading every post, just as you said Randy. I am so proud of you all and very humbled by your strength.

I have done 12 push ups today – hey that is good since I have just started doing them in my program at the gym. But nothing like Chris did.

I said Happy Birthday Chris – out loud.

I don’t know what to else to say except that I do read all your blogs (you are an amazing writer Randy – I think you may have missed your calling 🙂 ) I do think of the three of you often, and I do send out little prayers of strength for you.

It is good to know you feel all the love that is going your way and you do understand.


Had my yogurt and will give him 50 pushups tonight(far below his usual 200) I’ll let Blaine do the rest. Will give lots of hugs everywhere. Happy Birthday Big Guy

Happy Birthday Chris. You are so often in our thoughts…but today on your birthday James and I both reflected on how lucky we all were to know you. James went and did a big workout today, and I know through the pain he was thinking of you and your feirce dedication to fitness. Happy Birthday.

I can’t say I did a pushup, but we did raise a toast to Chris and to his loving family. We also called each of our kids and told them how much we love them. You are never far from our thoughts, and ALWAYS are in our prayers. You continue to inspire us Randy. Bless you all, today and always.

Happy Birthday Chris. We were thinking of you today.

Even though I am traveling (in Denver where because of the thinner air 50 push ups must equal 75, right?) our family is spending some quality time together tonight. Nauja, Bulldog and Talor are in Everett at the Stealth lacrosse game and I am watching the live stream of the game on the web. We may be a couple thousand miles apart but lacrosse is keeping us together tonight. Because of lacrosse we were lucky enough to meet you and your family. Happy Birthday #2.

Happy Birthday Chris! We thought of you today and your family. We ate eggs and I will do a few (wimpy) push-ups tonight in honor of you. Love to you, Randy and Ingrid and Max, from Val

After reading this posting, I decided to go for a walk in memory both of this wonderful young man, that I have only heard about through the stories told by their amazing parents. Love to Ingrid, Randy and Max.

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