Be The Best.

How to make today great.

Chris and Max jump the California surf (summer 2009)

I slept pretty well, but woke up early…like 4am early.

Is that an oxymoronish statement?  Maybe…but it’s an interesting insight into our world.

I did sleep well, just not all that long.

Today is not necessarily a great day…or is it?

Obviously as we mark one year to the day that we lost Chris there are a lot of emotions flowing through our minds and bodies.  We wish so deeply we could give him a real hug and see him again here on earth.  But we can’t.

But we can continue to make choices.  We can continue to live with a strong purpose.  We can use Chris’ passion to fuel us on our journeys.  We can continue to strive to Be The Best in everything we do.

Here’s three things that can help make today great.

1. Hug someone you love today.  (if you’re at work, make sure this isn’t an awkward moment..!!) 😉

2. Give something away. (not money…I’m talking about a smile, your expertise, a compliment, word of encouragement)

3. Live on purpose with purpose. This is the core of the Be The Best thinking.

Is today going to be hard? Probably…they all are.

Is today going to be great? With every ‘I’m the Captain of my Soul’ ounce of energy I have, I will keep making decisions all day long to make this day as great as possible.  One of the ‘greatest ever’.

(To understand that last paragraph you need to reference the Invictus blogs and The Best Day Ever blog)

Sort of makes saying, ‘Have a Great Day!’ a little deeper doesn’t it?

I THANK all of you for your support reading this blog and your thoughts and prayers throughout this year.

Be The Best.

By Randy Friesen

Randy Friesen is a business strategist, manager and educator based in Vancouver, BC and Detroit, Michigan. He is also a husband and father. He loves the creative process and is active in creating art and music.

9 replies on “How to make today great.”

Be The Best. New Normal. These have been words we have used in our lives many times over the last year. Using Chris’ passion to fuel us? Definitely.

Randy, Ingrid & Max – we’re with you today. The strength and courage and support for each other that you have shown us all will keep carrying you whether it be a day at time or minute by minute. Randy, your blog has provided us with reflection and insight. It’s been thought provoking and has offered plenty of joy and laughter as well and it has become a part of our daily lives – we thank you for that.

Chris – we’ll be looking up at you today at 2:32:41 as we make our way to Seattle to watch some lacrosse.

Another phrase we like to use: Together we can.

And today we will be together.

Thanks Mykle-Winklers!! Love the thoughts. Travel safe. Love someone looking up from south of the border…we’ll cover two countries that way. Just for safety sake, the driver probably shouldn’t look up too long…(cough).

Remembering Chris…remembering you, Randy and Ingrid and Max…cherishing each day…looking UP…looking forward…thanking you for “hugging–giving–“

Thinking of you all today, sending thoughts and prayers and thankful for your strength and encouraging words.
God bless

Randy, Ingrid

You have been in my thoughts all day – today is a significant milestone for you and my love and prayers are with you. Somehow we will always be linked by this day – my son Paul would have been 40 years old today.

Thinking of you – Randy, Ingrid and Max – all of this month and especially today. I’m sure you have many thoughts today. I care about you all deeply. Hugs all around as we remember Chris.

Randy and Ingrid;
Thinking of you today and sending our love your way. As always Chris is in our thoughts and fuels us to be the best!!!
Love Susan

Randy, Ingrid, Max, your courage is amazing; you live being the best everyday. Thank you for sharing your deep heart feelings through your postings. You inspire us to be the best and to make every day count.

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